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Fusing vocal talent, precision, and skill with masterful production, Ashley Carson has created an impressive back catalogue. From up-tempo tunes to more mellow tracks, check out a selection of music recorded over their career.


Masquerade is Ashley's newest single and is a deep dive into her struggle with mental health. The somber track finds us at her lowest point and details what living day to day is like with depression.

Masquerade Art.png

Give You My All

Give You My All is Ashley's testimony of coming back to Jesus after doing things her way. In it, she sings of His love, grace, and mercy to welcome His prodigal daughter home. Give You My All was released in 2020 and recorded at Quality Recording Studios in Nashville, TN.

Giveyoumyall Single Art.jpg

Simply Be

Life can be demanding and we often find ourselves run down from the business of it. In this acoustic driven track, Ashley encourages us to take time to slow down and breathe. Simply Be was released in 2021 and was recorded at Quality Recording Studios in Nashville, TN.

Light Pink Romantic Album Cover.png

We're History

We're History, was released in June of 2022. It is an upbeat country song that channels Jo De Messina and Johnny Cash with Ashley Carson sass and flare. We're History was recorded at Quality Recording Studios in Nashville, TN.

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Traveling Companion

Turn up the music and roll down the windows to this fun country song about traveling the world with the one you love. In a sound different than anything else she's put out, Ashley is sure to have you bopping your head and tapping your toes to this song!

Traveling Companion single cover (1)_edited.jpg
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